A part of my job is to go to Attunda district court in Sollentuna to check current verdicts. You know, crimes and punishments.

One criminal case was about a security guard who gave alcoholic beverages to 13-14 year old girls when they partied with other guests in his apartment.  One of the girls became very drunk and was picked up by an ambulance.

In the article, I didn’t write names and other personal details like age and the company the guard worked for.

A day after the article was published, a boss at a security company contacted me – he wanted to know the case number of the crime, to find out the name of the guard. He wanted to be sure that it was not one of their employees who committed the crime.

You see in Sweden, security guards are required to have high moral standards. If they have a weak moral compass, they’re not fit for the job.

I was however given an instruction by the editor not to disclose such information. It’s a public document and he could find it himself if he wanted it that much. But I as a journalist, I should not reveal my sources.

The man got pissed and said he would not be cooperative when it was my time to ask for information.