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Fredrik Nielsens vase

I was invited by glass artist Matilda Kästel to a vernissage of the glass exhibit “Svensk Glaskonst efter 2000” in Millesgården, Stockholm.

Some of Sweden’s experimental glass artists are represented in the exhibit, including Matilda Kästel and Fredrik Nielsen that I interviewed and wrote about för Sigtunabygden and UNT.

I will always remember Matilda Kästel’s bath installation – a bath tub – at Konsthall Märsta. And Fredrik Nielsens art in combination with punk rock.

Let me emphasise the fact that Sweden is known internationally for its glass art.

At the vernissage I bumped even into Sigtuna Museum’s manager Ted Hesselbom and his husband, art collector Peppe Bergström Hesselbom.

Peppe and Ted Hesselbom

Art collector Peppe Hesselbom and Sigtuna museum’s manager Ted Hesselbom.

Fredrik Nielsen with his sister Anna, mom Barbro, and moi.

Fredrik Nielsen with his sister Anna, mom Barbro, and moi.

Ted Hesselbom used to be the manager of the famous design museum Röhsska museet in Göteborg.

At Sigtuna Museum and Art, he manages both art exhibits and the viking history exhibits and archives in Sigtuna. And if you ask my opinion, he is adding a lot of spice and modernity in Sigtuna museum, something that is highly appreciated.

I have written many articles about Ted Hesselbom or with him as source.

A famous glass artist I once interviewed was Mats Jonasson from the Mats Jonasson Målerås glass studio, one of the biggest glass studios in Sweden. Travel books on Sweden mention him a lot, along with other bigwigs in the glass art world such as Kosta boda, and Orrefors crystals.