I was asked to be a candidate in a beauty contest, “Ginoo at Ginang Pilipinas” in Sweden.

I thought first it was a joke when my good friend Chel Maligalig Larland asked me to join “Ginang (that’s Misis in Filipino) Pilipinas”. So I teased her back.

Then a stranger named Marlita Schön sent me FB-personal message asking me the same question. I didn’t answer.

Days later she chatted via FB with me. Marlita Schön is president of the MJS Foundation, that is behind the beauty pageant. Marlita Schön explained that it is a fundraiser for poor schoolchildren in Surigao, Philippines.

She mentioned that Chel highly recommended me for the contest.  (Marlita added that I looked like the Filipina singer Kitchie Nadal, wink, wink 🙂

I answered that I was not into beauty pageants. But I liked supporting fundraisers for the poor in my homeland.

So she asked me I could emcee. And yes,  I would like that. I would also very much like to meet this woman who cares for Surigao kids. And I promised to actively involve myself in the project.

We will meet very soon to talk more about the plans. I am bubbling with suggestions, too.

The beauty pageant is slated in August 2016 in Stockholm.